Mar 2017

Hi my name is Ashley I'm an experienced cleaner for 3 plus years for Liv in luxe I'm new to Homeaglow so still trying to get the gist of things . im a very fast pace and thorough cleaner with great punctuality ! I Music boost my spirts while cleaning on the job I believe in magic of a clean house. My undeniable charm and unwavering positivity is what makes me a welcomed asset to all of my past clients. As woman with a color-coded closet organization system, i know first-hand that a great clean can bring order and tranquility back to any home. Heads up I DO NOT BRING MY OWN SUPPLIES MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN !

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Andrew M
1st appointment

3 months ago
Verified Cleaning
She left an hour early. She failed to Even do a cursory job in most rooms. She did not bring her own supplies, as the website requires.
Valentina C
Jersey city, NJ
1st appointment

4 months ago
Verified Cleaning
Very good cleaning lady.
Lady V
Lynbrook, NY
3 appointments

4 months ago
Verified Cleaning
She did an great job! Only bad thing I tough she will bring cleaning supplies and vacuum. Besides that she did a good cleaning job!
Lucas F
brooklyn, NY
1st appointment

April 2017
Verified Cleaning
The Homeaglow FAQ clearly states that the cleaner will bring all supplies unless we specify otherwise. Our cleaner (Ashley) had no supplies whatsoever. She wiped down our counters and bathroom then left after around an hour. We were supposed to have the place swept/swiffered/etc for 2 hours and it was really just wiped and febreezed. This was a completely unsatisfactory job and additionally had me searching around my neighborhood at 10PM for swiffer pads/cleaning supplies that was said we wouldn't need. Would like to be refunded.
Bracha G
1st appointment

April 2017
Verified Cleaning
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