Aug 2018

Hi~ My name is Samantha & I do this job to pay off some bills, to help with some educational goals & for my Family. I'm a Single Parent of 3. A Writer. And a Spiritualist. I have professionally cleaned through out periods of my Life. I once did my own cleaning bizness. I also have cleaned junk out of Rehab Homes. When residential cleaning, I clean an individual's home like I would do my own. I'm very detail oriented. It's in my DNA. I enjoy doing this business. It's humbling to go into another person's home and clean for them. I love the energy of sharing a service and being of service!💖. I enjoy doing this. I have my moments when it doesn't seem so kewl, but ewww depending on the people I meet. Some people have nasty attitudes and the wrong idea on things. Those kind of people I won't give my energy to. Those kind of people need their insides cleaned out, lol. #ewww If you need more time booked for your clean I will let you know. I clean from my heart & do a dam good job, but I am not a robot & you have to pay for my Service bayba! And I say that with so much Love & humor 🤗😎. Y'all have to pay! Every Cleaner deserves great pay for their hardwork & service. It's a blessing to have someone come into your home & clean for you!😏. Y'all, do know that I take a 15 minute break if I work 6 hours on a jobAnd I do a 45 minute break if I work 7- 8 hours or more on a job~ 4 hours I do a 15 minute break! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio! I know it was a lot ~ tell me your favorite scent. I'll make a special cleaning solution/air freshener just for you~ Thank you for reading & booking!

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Beth M
Macomb, MI
1st appointment

7 hours ago
Verified Cleaning
She showed up 20 minutes early in an Uber. I was very hopeful. She then came inside and told me she just a joint and she left everything at home. She didn’t even have her ID. She literally spent the next six hours in my kitchen at my sink. The floor is extremely sticky. The counters were not even cleared off. She then told me that she was willing to stay an extra hour out of the goodness of her heart. I told her no she could leave and then she realized she had no way home and I had to pay for her Uber to get her out of my house. I also had a friend over who was doing other work for me. She tried to encourage Samantha to clean faster and better than what she was doing and it didn’t seem to help. I kept checking my video cameras and watched her literally do nothing the entire time she was there. I can’t even express in words how disappointed I am in the service that I received and what a waste of money it was to have her there.
Crystal D
St. Clair Shores, MI
1st appointment

2 days ago
Verified Cleaning
Amazing job! She was so detailed and took her time! She was a joy to spend my day with.
Steven P
Detroit, MI
1st appointment

1 week ago
Verified Cleaning
Prompt and through, definitely recommend. She came and worked her ass off on Mother’s Day. A+
Amy L
Warren, MI
1st appointment

1 week ago
Verified Cleaning
Amazing job! She was so detailed and took her time! So thankful for Samantha!!
Olivia W
Farmington, MI
1st appointment

2 weeks ago
Verified Cleaning
Everything looked great!
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